Thaumaturgical Forensics

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Blood Sorcery Ritual

The thaumaturge may take a tissue sample from a living, dead, or undead creature and ascertain its distinguishing characteristics. A wealth of information may be gleamed from this sample, including information that "normal" forensics and genetics would not yield, such as age, generation, clan, etc.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Blood Sorcery
  • System: Thaumaturgical Forensics uses the following system:
    • Ingredients: A sample from an organic tissue, a microscope, several microscope slides and a scalpel.
    • Process: The biothaumaturge slashes the tissue into a laminar shape and mounts the microscope slides around them as any other sample that you want to analyse in a microscope. Using the blood from a self-inflicted wound as a staining method, she then proceeds to perform an examination through the microscope for about an hour.
    • System: Each success on the activation roll yields one piece of simple information about the subject, which may be any living, unliving or dead entity (but not an inanimate object), including plants. This information is limited to physical characteristics of the subject - Thaumaturgical Forensics can be used to determine gender, clan, traces of diablerie and the like, but it will not reveal if a given subject killed an individual or where she kept her trove of personal belongings. A critical roll may yield the knowledge of a weakness to exploit at ST discretion while a complete failure yields the destruction of the sample. If the microscopes slides are prepared correctly, they can be used again for further examination up to half the Science rating of the user rounded up, without the need of additional Rouse Check.
  • Duration: One scene.

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This ritual is the first level of Rituals of Biothaumaturgy. Which also includes:

This bizarre path reputedly has its roots in the secret tomes of the inscrutable Black Hand. Over the past few years, its esoteric secrets have spread among certain cabals of Tremere, who regard it as curious mixture of Hermetic science and genetics. Biothaumaturgy concerns itself with the manipulation of life energies. In the laboratories of inspired Biothaumaturgy may be found strange creatures almost out of myth, veritable Frankenstein's monsters and less wholesome creations. Although it is not considered a "taboo" path, Biothaumaturgy is nonetheless strange and unsettling to those who observe its results.

Biothaumaturgy also requires the thaumaturge to have a laboratory where she may conduct her experiments. This need be nothing more complex than a doctor's table and a few sharp knives, but it may be as complex as the "mad scientist" affairs of pulp fiction, with steaming alembics and crackling generators. The Storyteller should feel free to modify a character's Biothaumaturgy difficulties if she has excellent laboratory resources or her facilities are utterly lacking. Working with a crude lab may add two to the difficulty while a high-grade facility may lower his difficulties by two.


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