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Blood Sorcery

The kindred, after spilling some of its own vitae, is able to create a small ball of blood that it can manipulate in the air. This ball could be used as a projectile weapon or could be used to attempt to drown a mortal victim.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Dexterity + Blood Sorcery vs Dexterity + Athletics
  • System: The kindred spends one turn draining their own vitae from their body and then turning it into a floating ball of blood. This ball could either be used as a projectile that deals superficial damage equal to the users Blood Sorcery Level + 2 on a successful Dexterity + Blood Sorcery vs Dexterity + Athletics contest. The ball could also be used to drown mortal victims by enveloping their face with the ball of vitae. This would prevent oxygen from entering the mortal and potentially suffocating them after 3 turns of sustained suffocation. The kindred may not do anything else, but control the ball if it is being used in this manor. The mortal may, once per turn, attempt to get the blood off of their face by rolling a successful strength + athletics check at difficulty 3.
  • Duration: 1 scene or until ended

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Author: LostGhostGirl

Other Credits: GuavArt


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