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Blood Sorcery •••

Waste not a single drop of blood when it could be used to your advantage. This power allows the user to call on pools or puddles of blood weather it be spelt in battle, used in a ritual, or even blood in a goblet to create small weapons to be thrown.

  • Cost: 1-3 Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: Dexterity + Athletics rolls at Difficulty 3
  • System: The vampire spends a whole turn focusing on the blood around them. The Story Teller determines how much blood is around the user. During this time, they shape the blood into a maximum of three small weapons, determined by how many rouses they make, which are then sent at the target. The target must succeed Dexterity + Athletics rolls at Difficulty 3 equal to the amount of weapons being thrown at the target. This does activate the dodging rules found in V5 corebook p 125. If hit, the weapons do the casters Blood potency in superficial damage each.
  • Duration: 1 turn

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Author: LostGhostGirl

Other Credits: GuavArt


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