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Protean ••••

The Tzimisce's most terrifying power is also one of their most versatile, their knowledge of their body making them able to maniplate their flesh and bones in terrifying and obviously inhuman methods. No longer limited to just making cosmetic changes with Protean, the user can make changes to their entire form. Digitigrade legs, bone spikes and swords, functional wings and bone armor are just a few examples of Transmogrification's unlimited applications.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Dexterity + Protean
  • System: The vampire makes a Dexterity + Protean roll when they activate Transmogrification. Physically manipulating their flesh and bone like clay, the Tzimisce or other user is able to create grotesque changes to their body, such as elongating their legs, pulling bones from their arms as swords, or even growing functional extra arms. The vampire must spend 5 minutes (or take no other action, including movement, if done in combat) and roll Dexterity + Protean for manipulating their own flesh and bone like clay. On a Win, the character may choose one of the options below; on a Critical Win, the vampire may choose two options. Users of Transmogrification cannot take the same modification twice. Multiple applications of this Discipline do not stack; if the character reactivates this power, the most recent success on the activation is the one used for the effect. The options a Tzimisce may choose from on a Win or Critical Win are:
    • Body Armory: The vampire creates melee weapons of their own flesh and bone, such as forearm blades of bone, spiked knuckles or a bone 'axe' on the back of the elbow. This weapon grants a +4 damage modifier to their Brawl pool, and does unhalved Superficial damage to vampires and other supernaturals. This power cannot be used in conjunction with other powers that grant a damage modifer to the Brawl pool such as Feral Weapons.
    • Tough Hide: The vampire gains a +2 bonus to their Dexterity + Athletics defense pool due to armored plates, thickened bone density or other bone manipulation used to offset blows.
    • Extra Arms: The vampire separates and elongates flesh and bone, creating a single pair functional extra limbs. These limbs allow the vampire to do one of the following:
      • Take up to 4 dice worth of non-movement Minor Actions once per turn without penalty
      • The vampire can apply up to a +3 bonus to a split attack. This +3 must be split among the number of attacks made, and cannot be applied to a single attack exchange (IE: A single character vs. character contest cannot apply this bonus; bot a single character vs. 2 characters could apply a +2/+1).
    • Enhanced Mobility: The Tzimisce can change their form of mobility, giving them mobility bonuses at ST discretion. This could include glider wings (halving damage from a fall), fins (enhanced swim speed), burrowing claws, or digitigrade legs (extra normal mobility). The effects of Enhanced Mobility are varied, and should be agreed upon by the player and Storyteller; most commonly, Enhanced Mobility can be used to negate up to 4 dice worth of Minor Action penalties based on movement.
  • Duration: One scene or until dismissed.

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This power is related to Malleable Visage and Pound of Flesh as an attempt to offer a balanced Vicissitude version within V5's design space.


Author: ElmerG

Other Credits: Further input has been provided by a number of members on the World of Darkness 5th Edition Discord server.


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