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Protean •••

Advancing their mastery of fleshcrafting, the Tzimisce or other user has learned to apply the basics of their knowledge to other individuals, rather than themselves. They can now shape another person's body like clay, molding the flesh into the desired pattern. Additionally, at this level, the vampire's capabilities to mold another's flesh grants them some additional combat capability, as they can use their unarmed attacks to tear chunks of flesh from an opponent.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Dexterity + Protean; Dexterity + Protean vs. Stamina + Fortitude
  • System: Users of Pound of Flesh are able to apply any of the effects of Malleable Visage to another vampire or mortal. On a willing victim, the vampire must make the standard Dexterity + Protean check. Against an unwilling victim, the vampire must roll their Dexterity + Protean vs. the target's Stamina (plus any Fortitude for other vampires). Successes on the roll use the various success thresholds from Malleable Visage. Vampires 'heal' this application per the normal rules of Malleable Visage; mortals do not 'heal' these changes, and must be fleshcrafted back to their original form by anyone with Pound of Flesh.

When applying Pound of Flesh in combat, the vampire must make the Rouse Check and make an unarmed/Brawl attack per V5's combat rules. If successful in dealing damage (per normal V5 combat rules), the vampire may make one of the following choices:

  • The vampire may inflict damage on their target, by tearing away flesh and tendon as if it were clay in their hands. Pound of Flesh deals three (3) unhalved Superficial damage, which cannot be reduced or negated except via Flesh of Marble. This Superficial damage is not modified by powers that modify damage, such as Potence.
  • On a Critical Success on the roll, the vampire my inflict one of the following Crippling Injuries: Broken limb/joint, Blinded or Massive Wound (V5, pg. 303). Crippling Injuries inflicted in this manner may be healed as if it were Aggravated Damage by vampires; mortals will need surgical treatment or restored via applications of Pound of Flesh.
  • Duration: Per Malleable Visage or until healed.

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This is the advancement power of Malleable Visage and the intermediate step in Protean-as-Vicissitude towards Transmogrification.


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