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Blood Sorcery Ritual ••

By focusing her will, the vampire can view the immediate vicinity of this kind of ward. Paranoid Tremere princes can monitor entire cities through these glyphs. Portable objects can be imbued with these wards to function like remote senses.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Blood Sorcery
  • System: Glyph of Scrying uses the following system:
    • Ingredients:
    • System:On a successful roll the ward can be used for a day, on a Critical Win the ward works for a week. The ward can be destroyed as usual, but always fades after the time limit expires. A clever Thaumaturgist hides a glyph from sunlight but still makes it useful.

The vampire can establish a telepathic connection with any one of her wards instantly, but never with more than one at a time. She can move about as normal while focusing on a ward, but this subtract 2 dices of her pools as this is considered a minor action. Once in connection with this glyph, the Cainite can see and hear everything in the surrounding area as if she were using a conventional surveillance camera. When she focuses on a ward, the blood in the glyph gleams as if it were liquid again.

  • Duration: One day or week in a Critical Win.

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