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Blood Sorcery Ritual •••

  • Prerequisite: Malady

This curse touches upon one of the most feared elements of society, that of becoming an outcast. This power goes beyond cursing the victim with simple social ostracism - while under the effects of Pariah, the accursed appears to be the most hated of enemies to everyone they encounter. This alteration of perception is only in body and form, the victim still acts and speaks as normal. But then again, few are willing to listen to the ranting and ravings of a despised foe.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Blood Sorcery
  • System: All Ritualistic Curses function in the same way, in a similar fashion as all Wards and Circle Wards share the same system. For general rules on Ritualistic Curses check Related Content below.

This nasty curse sustains its baneful effects upon the subject for a period of one week. A Critical Win extends the effect to a month. Similar to the power Mask of a Thousand Faces, this power influences the perceptions of those around the accursed, leading observers to believe that the subject is a dire rival. This will not necessarily result in attack indeed, in most cases, it shouldn't - but will cause antagonism in whatever way is most appropriate to the onlooker. Most people will just leave the vampire's presence with a look of disdain, but some may snub her, insult her or even throw the first punch. Sense the Unseen can see through this involuntary disguise for the duration.

  • Duration: A week or a month with a Critical Win.

Related Content

This ritual is the third level of Ritualistic Curses. Which also includes:

Early in the history of Thaumaturgy, the Path of Curses was developed and refined. It is still known by its early names in certain circles: Maleficium, Hexen-Kraft, the Evil Eye. Victims of this path, often called accursed, are subject to extreme treatment and psychological feelings of inadequacy, often to the point of becoming social outcasts. When accursed are afflicted, friends and society tend to distance themselves from the victim, creating a social schism and driving the accursed toward alienation.

  • All Ritualistic Curses uses the following system:
    • Ingredients: Hair, blood, flesh or any other part of the victim.
    • Process: When cursing a victim, the thaumaturge is subtle - curses must be spoken in whispers and directly toward the target. The curse itself is often comprised of dead languages. The curse must be chanted for a minute per level and uses the difficulty system of corebook Rituals. Any interruption during the process automatically counts as a fail.
    • System: Because of the severe psychological effects on a victim, even if the rituals is successful, the target may cancel its effect. First she must succeed in a roll of Intelligence + Occult against a Difficulty equal to level of the curse +1 and then spend a Willpower point per level to negate the effect. This is the victim asserting his own strength of will and personality to throw off the yoke of anathema. The thaumaturge can lift the curses that she brings down at any time she wishes, which makes and excellent bargaining chip.


Author: Sharei

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