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Often Hideous, rock like monstrosities, sometimes graceful and statuesque, the Gargoyles originated as Servitors for the Tremere in the early days of the clan. Now, they have for the most part escaped the clutches of their former Masters, however some still are maintained as defenders and assault troops. The rest often seclude themselves away from traditional Kindred society, leading to them being rarely known, and frequently misunderstood.

Who are the Gargoyles?

  • Suspected or Confirmed Parent Clan: Tremere as creators. Rumoured Tzimisce, Nosferatu and Gangrel blood.

Gargoyles Archetypes


Potence, Protean, Fortitude Gargoyles often utilize the Amalgams Chameleon Skin, Bond with the Mountain and Flight.


Gargoyles all have the repulsive Flaw due to their unnatural appearances – whilst not all look monstrous, the stonelike colourings and textures, as well as minute pressure cracks mark them as unnatural. They can often of course pass as statues in the right setting, Gargoyles also have a weakness towards authority, both craving it and having to struggle to resist it. Subtract dice equal to the Bane Severity of the Gargoyle from any roll to resist Dominate. This cannot take the pool below one die

Clan Compulsion: Loneliness

Gargoyles are social creatures, while an individual may operate singly without impairment, should a Gargoyle ever truly find herself alone in the world — without master, mate, childer, or friend — They begin to become lonely and experience a desperation for companionship. Whilst affected by their compulsion, all dice pools are reduced by 2 until the condition is rectified. Working in conjunction with a complete stranger can alleviate these penalties on a scene-by-scene basis, but only a mutually acknowledged relationship can restore the Gargoyle fully. When working with her Coterie mates, a spoken acknowledgment and profession of friendship and camaraderie is necessary - leaving the Gargoyle to often push real friends away by making them declare it so specifically.


Author: Chipotlechris.


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