Sculpt the Clay

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Protean ••

  • Amalgam: Dominate 2

The vampire commands the clay of bodies living or dead, shaping flesh and rending bone to meet their designs in a way that persists through vampiric daysleep. This process is excruciatingly painful, and requires the victim restrained (unless the vampire works on themselves) or else there’s no chance of the work being completed while they struggle against the vampire’s tissue-cleaving grip. The flesh resists the Cainite’s moulding hands whether the mind wants it to or not. The results of this power are extremely visible and will impact many social interactions, especially as the modifications build up.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Dexterity + Protean
  • System: This power requires a scene of physical contact with the subject, as the vampire manipulates their flesh using nothing but their hands and force of will. Roll Dexterity + Protean at Difficulty 2, with each modification after the first increasing the Difficulty by 1. If the subject is a vampire, the user also suffers their Bane Severity as a dice penalty.
  • On a win, the vampire may form a part of the subject's body into a useful feature that counts as either a Skill Specialty, a light +2 Brawl weapon (impact or piercing), or a protective layer with armour value 2. On a critical win, pick two options. A total failure, messy critical, or bestial failure may inflict Flaws like Obvious Predator, Repulsive, or Stigmata as the Beast mars the fleshcrafter's work. Modifications and Flaw dots count as crippling injuries for the purpose of healing and mending.
  • Some example Specialty modifications include: Athletics (Bone Hooks - Climbing), Awareness (Additional Eyes - Sight), Brawl (Extra Limb - Multiple Opponents), Intimidation (All of the Above - Against Mortals), Larceny (Needle-like Finger - Lockpicking), and Streetwise (Sprawling Body Art - Iconography).
  • Duration: Permanent until performed again or the effects healed.

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This Protean power is part of a set intended to represent clan Tzimisce's control over the flesh, with V5-friendly mechanics and design goals. Other powers in this set include:


Author: Sharkey

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