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Protean ••••

Mastering their ability to refine the body, the vampire delicately, deliberately, and agonizingly transforms it. Whether crafting new appearances or painstakingly recreating others, the vampire must restrain their victim (unless they work on themselves) to have any hope of completing this precise work. Subjects find their looks permanently altered, with most vampires holding the new form even after waking. Some vampires drop all pretense of humanity, shaping horrors to behold that fit their peculiar sensibilities.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Protean
  • System: This power requires at least a scene of physical contact with the subject, as the vampire manipulates their flesh using nothing but their hands and force of will. Entirely changing a subject's body may require a night or more, depending on the scope. Roll Resolve + Protean at Difficulty 4, and if the subject is a vampire the user suffers their Bane Severity as a dice penalty.
  • On a win, the vampire shapes their subject's physical body to meet their designs. This may change any of their physical features, allow them to impersonate a specific individual (with Manipulation + Performance for mannerisms), or even conceal modifications made by Sculpt the Clay. A critical win may grant or remove Looks Merits and Flaws, though any Advantages gained must still be paid for (see Vampire: the Masquerade p.180). A total failure, messy critical, or bestial failure may inflict Flaws such as Obvious Predator, Repulsive, or Stigmata as the Beast mars the fleshcrafter's work.
  • Nosferatu vampires defying their curse suffer their Bane Severity as unhalved Superficial Health damage when they next enter daysleep, reverting with an excruciating change that mirrors their Embrace.
  • Duration: Permanent until performed again, or reversed by supernatural means.

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This Protean power is part of a set intended to represent clan Tzimisce's control over the flesh, with V5-friendly mechanics and design goals. Other powers in this set include:


Author: Sharkey

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