Whispers in the Dark

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Oblivion Ceremony •••••

  • Prerequisite: Shadow Step (Chicago by Night, p.295)

By willingly entering torpor, the spirit of the vampire visits dangerously close to the obliterating well of Oblivion. Close enough to whisper questions and receive answers as troubling dreams hissed back through the Abyss' tendrils in their soul.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Oblivion
  • System: This Ceremony has the following rules and ingredients:
    • Ingredients: A coffin, a silver knife, a human sacrifice
    • Process: The vampire enters the coffin with their sacrifice, closes the lid above them, and then slits the mortal's throat. They allow the blood to flow freely, and must maintain their composure while slaking no Hunger. They remain in the pool of blood until sunrise, at which point they enter torpor.
    • System: The caster enacts the process at Hunger 5, making a test against hunger frenzy (Difficulty 3) and possibly incurring Stains depending on the Chronicle Tenets. Then they voluntarily succumb to torpor (Vampire: the Masquerade, p.223), and finally make their Ceremony roll. On a win they enter a Memoriam (Vampire: the Masquerade, p.311) from the perspective of a chosen vampire who has met Final Death, a wraith who has become a spectre, or a mortal who died without leaving a wraith (including their sacrifice). Beware however, as should the vampire's Willpower track be filled with Aggravated damage at the conclusion of the Memoriam, their spirit strays too close to the all-consuming void and is destroyed. If their body is forced to awaken from torpor after this damage, it will be in the form of a wight or something much, much worse which dwells near the maw of the Abyss.
    • Whether or not the Ceremony succeeds, the vampire must sleep through their total torpor duration (Vampire: the Masquerade, p.241) unless woken prematurely, but if the Ceremony roll was a total failure their Humanity is considered one lower for the torpor duration and they will only stir prematurely through potent alchemy.
  • Duration: Until the vampire wakes from torpor

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This Oblivion Ceremony is from a collection of profane rites that connect to the very heart of the Abyss, drawing upon its infinite darkness and hunger. To learn these Ceremonies, a vampire needs access to a suitable and willing Mawla. Those among the Cult of Shalim and other heretical Lasombra cults often practice these Ceremonies, but rarely an outsider may earn enough individual favour to break the jealous secrecy of these darkest arts. Associated Oblivion Ceremonies include:


Author: Sharkey

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