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Oblivion Ceremony ••••

  • Prerequisite: Stygian Shroud (Chicago by Night, p.295)

This terrifying Ceremony is a manifestation of the Abyss within, the cracks through which Oblivion seeps being widened just enough that unreality threatens to consume all it is not. Not only a terrible way to die, many users of this Ceremony find it useful in destroying evidence. The mouth of a vampire using this Ceremony appears as an endless black chasm with what feels like its own pull, beckoning all that stray near into the void.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Oblivion
  • System: This Ceremony has the following rules and ingredients:
    • Ingredients: A bowl, a silver knife, the caster's own severed tongue
    • Process: The caster removes their own tongue with the blade, placing it in the bowl and opening their wrist to bleed enough vitae to coat it. They rub their Blood into the tongue, completely silent, until at the climax of the Ceremony they remove it from the bowl and swallow it whole.
    • System: The caster enacts the process, then makes their Ceremony roll. On a win, their mouth becomes a flesh-withering, spirit-consuming void until sunrise. The caster cannot speak, slake hunger with their fangs, or otherwise use anything normally in their mouth. Unintelligent organic material and objects are destroyed upon being bitten or entering their mouth, while thinking creatures suffer 2 Aggravated damage each turn to both Health and Willpower.
    • On a total failure of the Ceremony roll, the caster suffers 2 Aggravated Health damage as Oblivion ravages their mouth and throat. They are rendered mute with a crippling injury.
  • Duration: One night

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This Oblivion Ceremony is from a collection of profane rites that connect to the very heart of the Abyss, drawing upon its infinite darkness and hunger. To learn these Ceremonies, a vampire needs access to a suitable and willing Mawla. Those among the Cult of Shalim and other heretical Lasombra cults often practice these Ceremonies, but rarely an outsider may earn enough individual favour to break the jealous secrecy of these darkest arts. Associated Oblivion Ceremonies include:


Author: Sharkey

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