A Shadow's Prying Eyes

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Oblivion Ceremony •••

  • Prerequisite: Shadow Perspective (Chicago by Night, p.294)

A subtle Ceremony that allows the vampire to keep their senses close to an important mortal. Whether simply to observe, or to cast their terrifying powers of Oblivion through shadows far from normal sight.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Oblivion
  • System: This Ceremony has the following rules and ingredients:
    • Ingredients: A mortal, a length of string, a silver knife
    • Process: The caster opens their wrist with the silver knife and coats the length of string in vitae, then ties it around a chosen mortal's wrist while it is still wet. The string must remain on the mortal unbroken for fifteen minutes, as the Blood drains from it and soaks into their skin.
    • System: The caster enacts the process, then makes their Ceremony roll. On a win they may use Shadow Perspective to see through the designated mortal's shadow at any time, regardless of distance or their own perceptions. Only one mortal can be the subject of this Ceremony at a time, so performing it on another severs the previous connection. A total failure of the Ceremony roll causes the caster's eyes to turn an opaque black in their sockets, rendering them blind with a crippling injury.
  • Duration: Until the connection is severed

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This Oblivion Ceremony is from a collection of profane rites that connect to the very heart of the Abyss, drawing upon its infinite darkness and hunger. To learn these Ceremonies, a vampire needs access to a suitable and willing Mawla. Those among the Cult of Shalim and other heretical Lasombra cults often practice these Ceremonies, but rarely an outsider may earn enough individual favour to break the jealous secrecy of these darkest arts. Associated Oblivion Ceremonies include:


Author: Sharkey

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