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Oblivion Ceremony

  • Prerequisite: Shadow Cloak (Chicago By Night, p.293)

A small but useful trick, this Ceremony allows the vampire to become one with a patch of shade to eavesdrop or hide.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Oblivion
  • System: This Ceremony has the following rules and ingredients:
    • Ingredients: A silver knife, a natural shadow large enough to cover the caster
    • Process: The caster opens their wrist with the silver blade and steps into a shadow large enough to cover them, all the while smearing their own vitae across their face like a mask.
    • System: The caster enacts the process, and on a win of the Ceremony roll they merge with the shadow until sunrise or they choose to end the watch. Only by means such as Sense the Unseen (Vampire: the Masquerade, p.249) or the shadow being destroyed may the vampire be uncovered. They may not move while within the shadow, or use Disciplines without scoring a critical win on the Ceremony roll.
  • Duration: One night

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This Oblivion Ceremony is from a collection of profane rites that connect to the very heart of the Abyss, drawing upon its infinite darkness and hunger. To learn these Ceremonies, a vampire needs access to a suitable and willing Mawla. Those among the Cult of Shalim and other heretical Lasombra cults often practice these Ceremonies, but rarely an outsider may earn enough individual favour to break the jealous secrecy of these darkest arts. Associated Oblivion Ceremonies include:


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