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A major addition to Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition are Loresheets. Part Merit and part tie to the metaplot, story, characters or other background of Vamprie the Masquerade and the World of Darkness, Loresheets provide a unique way for Player Characters to be more deeply involved in the world of Vampire the Masquerade.

How to use this section

Like all portions of the wiki, the section below is designed to make extensive use of templates and wiki sorting, to provide an ease of use for contributors and readers alike. If you are a contributor, please read this in full. If you are only interested in seeing what has been contributed to the wiki, please move on down to the Loresheets section.

Adding Content

Adding content is a pretty straightforward affair, but the administrators of the V5 Homebrew Wiki ask that you do the following:

  • Before you create a page, please check to see if that page exists. You can check this via the search bar or by manually looking in the tabs for the page. Ex: If you're going to contribute a Loresheet titled 'Student of Smiling Jack' check to see if a Loresheet with that name exists.
    • If it does, please make your title slightly unique in some way. For consistency's sake, we would ask that you mark any duplicate Loresheet names as v# (for version), so that they can be easily sorted. Ex: If there is already a Student of Smiling Jack, please use Student of Smiling Jack v2 as the name. This will help maintain some order to the wiki.

How to Add Content

There are two primary ways to add content to the Full Disciplines section of the V5 Homebrew Wiki:

  • Registered wiki users can add the pages themselves, by using the Add Loresheet form below. Simply enter your Loresheet name and the form will pre-populate the things you need to fill in for the template to function. Simply fill out the pre-populated template, filling in everything after the equal signs with your own data.
  • If you feel uncomfortable adding your own material or have trouble with it, you can e-mail the wiki administrator, and they will add it. There is a 24-48 hour average delay for things submitted in this manner to be added.

Add a Loresheet

Please ensure that you have uploaded your file as the file name will be necessary to create the page.


Below are all of the Loresheets that have been submitted to the V5 Homebrew Wiki. Each of the links below will take you to a full layout for the submitted Loresheet.